18 - 20 September 2018

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, London

VSAT Stellar Awards 2018

Welcome to the Vsat Stellar Awards 2018, taking place at the end of the first day of VSAT & Next Generation Satellite Applications Global Event, from 18:00 at Park Plaza Victoria Hotel in London.

If you want to be recognised for your work in VSAT and new satellite technologies, supporting the evolution of the satellite industry into a new era, then start your application now.

VSAT Stellar Awards in 2018 will celebrate those most advanced companies in the satellite industry in 6 categories.

Place and Time
Date: Wednesday 19 September 2018
Time: Starts 18:00
Venue: Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, London

Deadlines and Key Dates
Entries close 5:00pm BST on 27 August 2018
Winners announced during the ceremony on 19 September 2018

Each category is independently judged by our neutral panel of industry analysts and specialists. Each application will be scored based on set criteria, the top scoring applicants shortlisted prior to the event.

  • Christopher Baugh, President, Northern Sky Research
  • Elizabeth Tweedie, Owner, Definitive Direction
  • Maria Kalama, Lead, Satellite Communications, Innovate UK
  • Randall Barney, Membership Director, World Teleport Association

Why Enter?

  • Publicity and recognition of achievement to the satellite and wider industry community.
  • Press and media recognition after the Awards.
  • Stand out from the competition – Winners receive the accolade of being judged the best of the best in their field.
  • Opportunity to boost team morale, improve motivation and reward staff for their contributions to the company.

The Winners will be announced during VSAT Stellar 2018 Awards ceremony on 19 September 2018 and not before. Winners will also be featured in the Winners Press Release announced the following day. Winners will:

  • Receive a bespoke Winner’s Trophy presented at the VSAT Stellar 2018 Awards ceremony on 19 September 2018.
  • Receive a Winners photo of the presentation of the Awards.
  • Be included in VSAT Stellar Awards 2018 Winners press release.
  • Be featured on VSAT Stellar Awards 2018 Winners website.
  • Be featured VSAT Stellar Awards 2018 Winners HTML posted to the full Edge Computing Congress event mailing list.
  • Be able to use ‘Winners of VSAT Stellar Awards 2018′ logo and icon on their own promotional materials.



    Service Provider of the Year
    This award is open to VSAT Service Provider companies only. A VSAT Service Provider is defined as an organisation that provides a VSAT communications service directly to the end user market – the business must consist primarily of services aimed at VSAT end users, from any vertical or company type, including B2C.

    Entrants must be able to demonstrate excellence in the delivery of service and support to end user customers, taking into consideration the service provider’s ability to deliver real benefits to the user and to meet customer objectives in terms of improved efficiency and reliable communications at a competitive price.

    Best Ground Segment Technology
    This award is open to companies that are revolutionizing the ground segment technology. Often people think the innovation in the Satellite industry is confined to the satellites themselves, but there is plenty of innovation here on earth that’s worth celebrating.

    This award is for ground technologies that are improving overall satellite service provision. This could be defined by the cost reductions they deliver, the new services they enable or the higher capacities and faster speeds they facilitate.

    Most Innovative Satellite Application
    This award is open to innovative satellite applications or services that deliver significant value and increase the use of satellite connectivity. We will look for evidence that your application/service either provides commercial benefit to your customers or is changing the world by connecting the previously unconnected.

    The winner of this award will demonstrate the power of satellite connectivity to play in new markets and will inspire the rest of the industry to innovate their service provision.

    Satellite Operator of the Year
    This award is for the most innovative Satellite Operator of the Year. The winner will be the operator that has pushed the boundaries of satellite connectivity the most; exploring new markets, launching new services and delivering the best possible service to consumers.

    As competition in the satellite market grows, this award seeks to recognise the company that is revolutionising the industry ahead of its competitors, and leading the race towards next generation satellite communications.

    Most Innovative Flat Panel Antenna
    This award is open to all Flat Panel Antenna producers who believe that they have the most innovative product. Flat panel antennas have been in development for over 40 years and we are yet to see the most innovative additions which deliver significant value. Both start-ups and established companies are invited to apply for this category.

    In your application, make sure you explain the features of your product, why it is innovative, its cost effectiveness and profit margins, as well as time to market and the verticals it is planned to serve, in order for the judges to be able to decide on the future potential of your Flat Panel Antenna.

    Contact details for the person submitting the entry. That person will be the point of contact for KNect365. Please make sure email address and the best telephone number are provided.


    Please select the relevant category and then answer the questions at the bottom of the form:

    For all of the categories, the following criteria will apply so make sure you follow these instructions as closely as possible when submitting your application.
    The judges will look for:

    • A description of the product/service/technology/company (Max 300 words)
    • Unique and innovative features of the product/service/technology/company, describing its relevance to the evolution of services in the satellite industry (Max 300 words)
    • How is your product/service/technology/company different from competition? (Max 300 words)
    • Describe how your product/service/technology/company addresses the needs of your end-users (Max 300 words)
    • Describe how product/service/technology/company improves end-user capabilities by first describing your end-user (consumer or enterprise, information about the end-user can include: How many, types, geographical and vertical spread, any reference from customers)
    • Describing the benefit to the end-users from your product/service/technology/company (or planned future benefits)
    • Specific characteristics making the entry successful/significant on a commercial level, such as pricing, return on investment, value for money, future strategy and partnership potential (Max 300 words)

    Please provide any relevant background information, results and KPI information to support your entry.
  • • Describe how product/service/technology/company improves end-user capabilities by first describing your end-user (consumer or enterprise, information about the end-user can include: How many, types, geographical and vertical spread, any reference from customers)
    • Describing the benefit to the end-users from your product/service/technology/company (or planned future benefits)

  • If available, please provide supporting documents (max 5 pages) in either .doc, .ppt or .pdf format. Please name your file in the following format:
    Company Name/Individual Name - Category Name

    Please ensure supporting documents clearly support the product or service you are nominating.

  • Please upload your logo in high resolution format in either JPEG or PDF format. Please name your file as:
    Company Name - Award Category

    Please note: Your logo may be used for publication, should your entry be shortlisted.